Automotive Technician Mechanic

Position Summary
The Technician:
o Is responsible for conducting routine service on vehicles and for diagnosing and completing repairs on customer vehicles.
o Is the most up-to-date person in the retail facility with regard to the technical aspects of vehicles.
o Works closely with the Parts Department and with the Service Consultant.
o Uses the computer to determine how long a given repair or service will take and keeps the Service Consultant or team leader abreast of repair progress so that additional work may be scheduled.
o Is a good communicator, immediately telling the Service Consultant and Parts Department if a part needs to be ordered and asking for clarification if a work order is not clear or seems incorrect.
o Is capable of correctly performing complicated repair sequences according to established procedures.
o Knows the shop area and the availability of special tools that might be needed.
o Is detail-oriented and writes on the work order the repairs completed, the parts required, and the labor to be charged.
o Documents any other vehicle problems that were noted during servicing.
o Should be capable of working independently, managing his or her time and work flow.
What the Worker Is Like
The Technician:
o Is technically competent with regard to automotive systems in general and the company's products in particular, and must continually update his or her technical knowledge.
o Typically comes from technical colleges or high school student co-op programs as well as from other retail facilities and service outlets.
o Is capable of working congenially among other Technicians and Service Consultants and can help them when needed.
o Must work well with the Parts Department to ensure that parts are ordered.
o May interact directly with customers to explain vehicle problems and the steps taken to correct the problems.
o Must be well-organized and systematic in approaching this job.
o Must have a good work ethic, a positive attitude, and a strong desire to repair customers' cars correctly.
What the Work Is Like
The work of the Technician:
o Must be done efficiently and correctly to help ensure the success of the Service Department.
o Involves analyzing work orders carefully to understand a vehicle's condition, the accuracy of the diagnosis, and what work has been agreed to.
o Requires understanding which parts and tools will be required for a given repair or service and ensuring their availability.
o Entails the ability to repair vehicles quickly and under stress, clocking on and clocking off the repairs, and staying with a planned schedule for the day or adapting to changes as needed.
o Requires conforming to quality control and inspection policies and procedures that protect the Technician and the vehicle during servicing.
o From an administrative standpoint is centered on completing work orders and on documenting with consistent accuracy the repairs conducted, the parts required, and the labor involved.

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