Clerical Receptionist

Position Description: Receptionist
Functions: o Answering Telephones/Clerical Tasks
o Customer Relations
o Administration
o Interdepartmental Relations Competencies: o Adaptability
o Analysis
o Continuous Improvement
o Customer Enthusiasm
o Judgment
o Organizing and Planning
o Teamwork
o Communication
Reports to: Varies According to Retail Facility
Management/ Business Skills Required: o Ability to receive customers with courtesy and efficiency
o Ability to exhibit a friendly manner and an appropriate appearance as the initial contact in the retail facility
o Ability to converse with customers to discover their needs and to appropriately route them within the retail facility
o Knowledge of appropriate telephone techniques and etiquette
o Ability to answer customers' questions on the phone or to introduce or refer callers to the appropriate team
o Knowledge of the retail facility's organization in order to appropriately route callers or customers
o Ability to arrange conference calls
o Ability to write clearly and legibly and to listen and record accurately
o Ability to file paperwork according to retail facility procedures
o Ability to operate the FAX machine, to word process, and to provide backup support to the clerical team when needed
Work Orientation Factors: o Much customer contact
o Contact with customers from a variety of backgrounds
o Professional image essential
o Constant interruptions
o Predictable work schedule
o Much contact with people in all retail facility departments
Position Description: Receptionist
Position Summary
The Receptionist:
o Is responsible for receiving guests as they enter the retail facility.
o Becomes for the customer the strong, positive first impression of the retail facility by presenting a professional appearance and a cordial, businesslike presence.
o Projects this same presence on the phone when customers call the retail facility.
o Because of a thorough understanding of the retail facility, knows to whom to route incoming calls and is accurate in taking messages when calls cannot be routed to the appropriate person.
o Keeps track of traffic flow within the retail facility and documents where and to whom customers are referred.
o Works with all departments in the retail facility and establishes message and sign-in/sign-out systems to keep track of people and the flow of information.
o Pages retail team members as needed and is considered the person in the retail facility who knows the whereabouts of team members at any given time.
o Provides clerical backup support to departments when needed and works as a team member with all departments.
What the Worker Is Like
The Receptionist:
o Has a professional appearance and a positive, cordial attitude.
o Is one of the customer's first impressions of the retail facility.
o Should have good phone etiquette and a good telephone voice.
o Should be familiar with every aspect of telephone activity, including placing long-distance calls, arranging conference calls, and operating the retail facility's message and paging system.
o Should be familiar with the retail facility's organization and with key team members in order to appropriately route calls, take messages, and answer questions on the phone.
What the Work Is Like
The work of the Receptionist:
o Has as its major responsibility the receiving of guests.
o Entails understanding the work flow in the retail facility in order to know to whom to refer a customer.
o Involves effectively and cordially relating to customers with a variety of backgrounds and projecting a professional image to customers at all times.
o Includes much telephone interaction, including handling multiple phone calls.
o Entails working in an atmosphere that has many distractions and interruptions.
o Involves predictable hours and a varied flow of activity according to the time of day and the season of the year.
o Involves accommodating guests efficiently and making guests feel welcome at the retail facility.

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