Environmental Manager - Paper Manufacturing - 2585

Company Name:
Absolute Opportunities Test
Job Title: Environmental Manager - Paper Manufacturing
Role: Engineering or Related
Relocation Available: Yes
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Wisconsin
Town / City: Wisconsin Rapids
Job Type: Permanent full-time
Job description:
This position is responsible for planning, coordinating, managing, and carrying out the Wisconsin Rapids Mill's environmental programs including air quality, water quality, wastewater, hazardous waste and solid waste programs in a manner that will ensure the facility is in compliance with all State and Federal environmental laws, regulations, permit requirements and corporate policies. Other responsibilities include managing the operation of the wastewater treatment facility and facilitating the EMS (environmental management system), managing activities to improve mill environmental performance and cost reduction.
Provide strategic development support through planning for long term environmental compliance, asset development permitting, and new technologies for improved efficiencies and cost reduction.
Provide mill wide technical support for environmental performance, regulatory compliance, process troubleshooting, and continuous improvement.
Maintain current understanding of State and Federal regulatory developments.
Administer the mill's hazardous materials program including screening of purchases, recordkeeping, and reporting. Ensure proper handling, cleanup and disposal of hazardous materials in accordance with Federal and State hazardous waste rules, regulations, and corporate policies.
Manage recordkeeping and reporting activities required to comply with Federal and State environmental requirements, mill permit requirements and corporate policies and meet all reporting deadlines.
Work with the engineering department and corporate environmental to review and complete the environmental assessment section of all capital investment cards to obtain all necessary environmental permits.
Work with corporate environmental and legal in resolving any nonconformance.
Work with the environmental engineer to insure that the EMS is being used to reduce environmental risk, improve environmental performance and investigate corrective action requests.
Develop and control an annual budget for environmental, water intake, and wastewater treatment.
Develop annual capital and department budgets and control expenditures against budgets.
Provide training and orientation for department's professional and hourly staff.
Enforce adherence to safe work practices, good housekeeping, follow-up and correction of unsafe acts and conditions, participate in departmental safety programs and meetings.
Bachelor's degree in environmental engineering, paper science, chemistry, biochemistry, biology or related area.
Minimum 7 years of experience with at least 5 year managing environmental compliance programs in an industrial setting.
Must have demonstrated supervisory ability.
Effectively direct the work of others.
Possess ambulatory capabilities to move freely about the mill, climb ladders and stairways, and also tolerate temperature extremes in carrying out responsibilities.
Work beyond normal work schedule as necessary to fulfill responsibilities and be on call.
Communicate well, both in oral and written form and have excellent interpersonal skills.
Have strong computer skills in Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook.
Bottom Line Requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree in environmental engineering, paper science, chemistry, biochemistry, biology or related area.
2. 7 + years of experience with at least 5 years managing environmental compliance programs in an industrial setting.

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