Maintenance Supervisor Industrial Manufacturing

Company Name:
Absolute Opportunities
Job Ref.: 2459
Job Title: Maintenance Supervisor Industrial Manufacturing
Role: Technician / Maintenance
Relocation Available: Yes
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Wisconsin
Town / City: Wisconsin Rapids
Job Type: Permanent full-time
Job description:
We are looking for someone with Industrial Manufacturing Maintenance experience and some supervisory experience.
This position will supervise, lead, instruct and coach the maintenance crews to improve process efficiencies and reduce costs through application of predictive and preventive maintenance practices and pre planning work. The supervisor will promote safety improvement programs, flexible work practices, and Manufacturing Excellence.
Lead safety initiatives and actively participate in safety programs.
Manage productivity, cost, and quality improvement projects.
Build employee development programs to create high skill level and maximum versatility.
Develop and implement best-in-class maintenance practices throughout the mill.
Collaborate with operations, other maintenance supervision and maintenance crews to implement planned work, emergency work and preventative maintenance schedules as required.
Interface with engineering, vendors, in-house crafts and outside contractors to complete capital projects and expense projects throughout area of responsibility.
Provide technical assistance on maintenance related needs.
Provide weekend coverage on a rotating basis (covering entire mill with partner on weekends).
Must be able to move about the mill freely (extensive walking, climb ladders and stairs, etc.) and able to tolerate temperature extremes.
Bachelor's degree in engineering (preferred) plus 3 to 7 years maintenance experience; 1+ years of supervisory experience
Communicate effectively and make decisions in emergency situations.
Interact with all levels of personnel, both hourly and management.
Intermediate to advanced SAP and Microsoft Office.
Bottom Line Requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree in engineering preferred.
2. 3 + years of Industrial Maintenance experience.
3. Supervisory experience in Industrial Maintenance.

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